Tessa Smith

Vocalist, Band Leader, Choir Leader and Singing Teacher

The AppleJacks are a Jazz and Swing band, specialising in music from 1920s - 1940s (and occasionally later) and are suitable for all sorts of events including: Weddings, Swing Dance events and exchanges, Vintage Themed parties, and Music Festivals.

The AppleJacks are available as a 6-piece band, featuring Piano, Double Bass, Drums, Saxophone and Trumpet, as well as 5-piece and 4-piece ensembles, depending on the size of your event.

Click here to see a sample of The AppleJacks' repertoire.


Having started to Lindy Hop in December 2010, Tessa is perfectly placed to direct her band in the needs of dancers, and as such has been privileged to perform for many events up and down the UK, including, but not limited to: 

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange and 'University of Swing',

Cambridge Lindy Exchange, Skye and Frida Weekend and 'Swing Sanctuary',

Leeds Swing Exchange and 'Swing Revolution',

Manchester Lindy Exchange and Sharon Davis Weekend,


Sheffield's Seven Hills Hop.


Tessa has also had the pleasure and privilege of performing with Gordon Webster and the Shirt Tail Stompers.

Tessa Smith was storming at the Sunday tea dance! I would certainly recommend her and her band anytime. Her smart choices of songs at perfect dance tempos had a particular groove, that compelled you to stay on the dance floor with a warm feeling in the soul.
— Ryan Francois, Performer/Choreographer
Photo by Jonathan Wootton

Photo by Jonathan Wootton

Tessa and her Apple Jacks are entertaining captivating and really fun to move to. Their music choice has a variety of flavours to suit and will stretch your dancing to its optimum. Tessa has a natural flare and confidence so much so you just can’t keep your eyes off her. A must experience.
— Trisha Sewell, Director SavoyHop.com
Tessa and her band were absolutely brilliant. Great stage presence with Tessa lighting up the room with her charisma, amazing voice and obvious passion for swing music. Tight band. Loved it.
— Scott Cupit, Director Swing Patrol

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